Hodgdon Yachts takes the risks posed by the COVID-19 pandemic very seriously and our paramount concern is for the health and wellbeing of our employees, customers, and the community. With this is mind, we are implementing some additional short-term policies which will stay in effect until further notice. We are hopeful that the situation in Maine will be eased, but we will continue to take whatever steps are necessary towards health and safety:

  • Customers should not come to or be in our facilities if they feel ill.

  • The front door to the Marina will remain locked. Call the Dockmaster at (207) 632-5427 for assistance. To protect you and our staff, please wear a face covering and maintain distances of at least 6 feet when engaging with Hodgdon employees.

  • Boaters who reserve a mooring or slip and are not residents of Maine, New Hampshire or Vermont must complete the required CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE FOR MAINE VISITORS and submit it to the Dockmaster.

  • Boaters coming to the Marina for fuel or other services who are not residents of Maine, New Hampshire, or Vermont and have not completed the required 14 day self-quarantine period must remain on their boat. 

  • We require everyone on our property to observe “social distancing” practices. This includes avoiding gatherings in groups and maintaining distances of at least 6 feet. If this distancing is questionable, at a minimum always wear a face covering.

  • We require employees to practice good hand hygiene with frequent handwashing and especially between contact with customers and customer equipment.

  • The second-floor restrooms, showers, and laundry are now open to Signal Point Marina (SPM) slip owners and their guests, Hodgdon employees and Hodgdon Marina apartment rental guests. WHEN USING THIS COMMON AREA, PLEASE KEEP THE AREA CLEAN AND PRACTICE GOOD HYGIENE WITH HAND WASHING AND SANITATION. THE RESTROOMS WILL BE CLEANED DAILY BY SPM.

  • The first-floor bathroom in the back of the building is closed to public use. Using the head on your boat is recommended.

  • We are arranging boat delivery and pick up at the marina from our service yard customers. Hodgdon Yacht Services’ customers can access their boats without our employees on board. The delivery pickup times will be scheduled through Hodgdon Yacht Services 207-633-2970.

  • Parking at Hodgdon Marina will be in designated spaces. Exemptions will be the Hodgdon Dockmaster, Hodgdon employees and Signal Point Marina Dockmaster to park on the dock. The apartment rental guest will be allowed one designated parking spot on the dock with additional guest parking in designated spaces (see Dockmaster). 

  • We are now accepting all forms of payment. Pumping will be done by the fuel customer once the pumps are turned on by the Dockmaster. Dockmaster will wear a face covering during this process.

  • Seasonal dockage or mooring customers should return to their cars directly after boating without lingering or congregating. 

  • Please keep pets leashed.

  • The Dockmaster will assist with line handling on larger boats but line handling with smaller boats will be by those aboard the boat. We will always assist if there is risk of damage or injury.

The policies and procedures are in effect until further notice. We will continuously review all of these and will relax, extend, revise, and stiffen as recommended by local, state, and federal authorities or as observed by the Company.


We thank you very much for your support and compliance with these policies and procedures during this unprecedented time.


Thank you,

The Hodgdon Marina Staff


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